Our Team

We’re proud to offer you highly trained and effective trainers

Jane Sheffield

Lead Trainer
New Zealand Manager

As well as being an experienced corporate trainer, Jane previously had an international branding career which required her to present in many high stakes situations across Europe and the Middle East. Jane is known for her clarity, warmth and enthusiasm, and her passion for helping people express their ideas.

Terry Williams

Senior Trainer

Terry is an extraordinary mix of practical, down-to-earth advice and wisdom as well as a funny and entertaining trainer and speaker. We’re delighted to have him as part of our team.

Tipo Ngapo

Senior Trainer

Tipu has over 19 years of corporate experience as a facilitator and trainer in a multitude of countries, cultures and diverse business environments.

Originally from Scotland, Tipu has travelled extensively and now lives in Auckland.

Tipu is known for his warm and engaging manner, his sense of humour and his passion for helping people to grow.